FreeBased on Real People - Nr 3

Each image represents a different person from my past who had an addiction that changed their lives forever.

S.R. Ayers

Residing in Vienna, Austria is the American born S.R. Ayers, bleeding ink & paint wherever he roams.  After growing up on a dangerously comprehensive diet of old comics, visceral cinema & subversive music he rambled from coast to coast across his motherland, then to India, and finally to Europa.  There he survives by employing his creative experiences in a transmedial group with 'The Ink-Wave Frequency', along with digging himself deeper & deeper into the genres of storytelling fed to him by his parents.  With a fistful of shows & publications in comics, magazines & music venues of ill-repute on three continents he proudly resurfaces in the company of the Paroli staff with his comic 'Hitting the Stain', among other illustrations for his esteemed colleagues.